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Last Orders

The feed has updated all good and proper (barring one small hiccup with the site's news post, which is fair enough as I gave it the wrong date), so I think I'm going to leave off regularly updating this community. For those that missed it - the new feed is specialschool_r (or if you prefer to take it direct).

After a while I may delete this community, unless somebody wants to use it for actual discussion or fanfic or something. Though really that sort of thing should go on in the (near-dead) forum.
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Annoyingly, it appears that LJ will only let paid members add RSS feeds now. How very annoying.
You should be able to subscribe to existing ones, though?
My bad.
It allows me to view existing RSS feeds I have, just not add new ones to my friends page. To do that I need a paid account.
You can add any RSS feed to your friends page as long as a paid user has created a Syndicated Account for that feed already.

If the feed URL is already being syndicated on LiveJournal, you will see an Add Friend page with the feed's username.
If it is not, and if you are a Paid or Permanent user, you will be able to create a new syndicated account for this feed URL.

Why, do you have a feed you'd like syndicated to LJ?
Here's the magic phrase

Add Feed by URL

Add a feed to your friends list by entering the feed URL below.

Note: This feature is only available to Paid accounts. Upgrade now.


December 19 2008, 14:28:24 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  December 19 2008, 16:18:35 UTC

Ha, I can't actually see that note because I have a paid account. (It may only refer to the 'adding a feed that does not already exist' feature - have you tried submitting the url?)

However - if you give me the feed URL I can see if there's already a syndicated account for it, and then provide you an LJ User link (eg specialschool_r).

UPDATE: I've just tried with a free account, and yes, the note only applies to creating new syndicated accounts. Entering a Feed URL that already has an account (eg adds the syndicated account to your friends page as per. Of course, this means creating a new syndicated account doesn't require being a paid user as much as knowing a paid user...